Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™
Snuffle Mat™

Snuffle Mat™

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Our Snuffle Mat™ stimulates a dog’s natural foraging instincts by mimicking the hunt for food in grass and fields, stimulating their noses and brains to earn their meals. This mat is made using non-toxic and safe materials and also very durable. Make mealtime a hunting experience for your furry friend!

Key Benefits

  • Feeding mat mimics hunting for food in grass and fields, as your dog’s ancestors did.
  • Stimulates your pup’s nose and brain to find the food.
  • Made from sustainably sourced materials that are non-toxic and safe.
  • Perfect for all breeds from small to large.
  • Easy to clean—simply throw the mat in the washer and dryer.


Customer Reviews
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My pug absolutely loves this mat. I feed her meals to help slow her down when eating, but she has so much fun hunting for her food. Very entertaining for both the dog and human.

meal time with a challenge!

I have a ten year old Pomeranian that I rescued last August. Sadly he doesn't know how to play. I'm trying to introduce him to new games and stimulation. This was the best so far. I use a little bit of kibble and it makes snack time a game and stimulating. He gets super excited when I get the feeding mat out. Highly recommend.

Roselyne L.
Exactly what I was expecting.

My dog loves this toy! I got it as a distraction tool to use while I'm working from home (temporarily). My dog enjoys finding treats in this mat so much! He is not a speedy eater so we use it for playing/intelligence training. I love that it's washable and my dog loves it! I would recommend this to basically everyone with a dog.

Miriam M.

Our dog trainer said that dogs love to forage, and that this mat would be good because he would have to work a bit to find his food. It slows down his eating and he seems to really enjoy the hunt.

snuffle mat!

My two beagles love this! PRO TIP: if you have a Furbo (the dog camera that tosses treats) place the mat where the treats typically land and it gives them an added challenge.